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Overseas Ordering information

Aloha! Mahalo for visiting Aloha aprons. 
Currently the Aloha aprons' business office operates out of Japan and our
web site is mostly in Japanese. However, We do welcome orders from
overseas customers. Please email us with any questions and inquiries
you may have. We would love to serve you in any way we can!!

email address: mail@alohaaprons.com
phone: 81(country code)45-263-6090
fax: 81-45-263-6090
contact person: Tomoko Tobita

Thank you for your interst and we look forward to hearing from you!!

A Little about us..

Aloha aprons was started in 2002 with the idea "have a little joy and aloha in
your life."Our products are handmade in Hawaii and distributed out of our 
office here in Japan.

We started off with 5 styles of apron and expanded to over 12 styles as well as
other aloha - themed accessories.We hope our products will add a warm 
Hawaiian smile to your daily life